Simple But Elegant And Pure And Fresh Colour Ice Pop Molds, Matcha Green


Ships from Hong Kong. This DIY ice cream mold using food grade non-toxic PP plastic material. The Popsicle additives too much outside, eating is not at ease, what you do is unique and interesting, let's DIY by yourself ~! Using the matters needing attention: 1. The first use must use toothpaste cleaning, resulting in foam, rinse with boiling water, and then soak for two hours, after drying can be used. 2. Ice cream material should be added to eight full, frozen ice cream volume can reach very full. 3. After the ice cream mold is removed from the refrigerator, use the flowing water rinse for thirty seconds to one minute to remove the ice cream easily. 4. Avoid getting close to high temperatures. 5. After use can be used cleaning agent, dishwasher machine wash, stubborn stains please sponge or cotton cloth cleaning, do not scratch with a gauze metal ball. The approximate size of product: 16*10*16CM/6.3*3.9*6.3". Tips: The popsicles in the picture is not included. Main Materail: Environmental protection PP. Testing agency certification, food grade non-toxic PP plastic materials, DIY ice cream mold. Colour is pure and fresh and simple but elegant, 4 sets, can easily produce different flavors of popsicles, ice cream, easy to come up, let you refreshing a summer. Can be superimposed with a cover with a bar, can direct contact with food ~ internal space is large. This plastic ice cream mold can be in direct contact with food. Heat resistance temperature of 110 ??, cold temperature -20 ??. Everything is super cute, super beautiful.