Homemade Ice Pop Molds Frozen Popsicle Ice Cream Mold 6 Lattices Square,Green


Ships from Hong Kong. The ice cream outside always has many additives, and it is very uneconomical. So, summer is coming. Get ready for some popsicle DIY! You can freely combine milk, fruit, and ect. Delicious and healthy popsicle! Using food PP material, safe and tasteless. Lovely style, you and the kids love it! Do not overfill your popsicles to avoid volume expansion after freezing! Size: 12.3x10.8x11.2cm.(4.8"x4.2'x4.4") Material: PP plastic. There are 6 grids and enjoy delicious together! This product only sells popsicle mold, you can freely create various popsicles according to your idea! Let's make our own popsicles, healthy and delicious summer!